Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: How do I connect to the server?
A: Just press Connect button found on our main page or, In game, use Direct Connect and input the server address. EU server address is and OCE server address is Remember to check the add to favorites box or you will have to input those every time.
2Q: All my grids are gone! What do I do?
A: Check your Quantum Hangar! If you were inactive for some time the server migh have put them in your Quantum Hangar to keep them safe. If that is not the case contact support via appropriate channels. Nothing is really gone.
3Q: Why is the server slow/lagging?
A: Can happen due to various reasons. There might be some big fight going on or someone forgot to turn off his drill system. Ask in chat, support will take care of it.
4Q: Does the server restart?
Yes! Server restarts every 6 hours (4 times a day) at fixed hours.
5Q: What is this about needing a beacon?
A: To put it simple: if you do not have a beacon your grid will be deleted automatically. Cleanup is in place to remove floating junk left after battles, crashes and such. Beacon does not have to be powered or even fully built.
6Q: Do you Reset voxels?
A: Yes, Voxels will reset if there is no grid in 100 meters or player in 2000 meters every 30 minutes.
7Q: If I lose my stuff due to a server issue, will I get it back?
A: Yes but only if your grids were present during grid backup which happens once per day. If malfunction and grid loss was our fault we will try to compensate.
8Q: Do you delete grids?
A: If they cause lag and the owner is not willing to fix them then yes, we will delete the grid. Also if your grid has no beacon attached it will be automatically deleted by automated Cleanup which runs every hour.
9Q: Are there any limits?
A: Yes. Not because we are evil but because we want balanced, lag free gameplay. We all share the same SIM Speed.
10Q: Can I use scripts?
A: Yes. Ask for Scripter role on Discord. Some scripts are not allowed (Raytracing) and some have to be slowed down (Inventory Managers). Scripts that display complex graphics on LCDs are NOT allowed at all!