Nexus Technology

This plugin syncs all data cross servers and partitions worlds into multiple "Sectors" Jumping between sectors is solely based on your position in the world. There are no jump gates. Everything is automatic!

Current Features:

Chat (Faction/PMs/Global), Econ Data, Factions, Players, Progression, Roles/Promotes, Reputation System
Respawn Sync (With grid preview)
Easy Resync. If for some reason you want to resync your network to a new save or implement a new sector, it's as simple as dragging and dropping your save file and starting all servers! (instantaneous)
Cross Dedicated Box

World Sectors:
Easy UI to create and define new world sectors.
Hud warning/Jump warning when players are approaching a sector boundary.
Keeps ALL players in their same spot on the grid during jump. (even offline players)
Works with subgrids and even grids that are attached via gear.
Database to keep track of which sector players are in.
Individual sectors do not show up in the steam server listings
Nested Sectors!
Running multiple sectors on one Torch Instance!
Sector info provider HUD/Pop-up on sector switch

Lobby Server (Station):
Only server to show up in the steam server listings
Correctly reports all online players in all sectors.
Still synced with the network
Waiting area for when a sector is offline. (Can still chat/buy/sell/create factions with other online sectors)
Auto-Directs you to which sector your character is at.
Customizable Spawn Scripts, Spawn Locations all via lobby SpawnPad block.