Useful Commands

In case something wrong is with your character or ship use:

!fixship - this will cut/paste you are looking at potentially fixing it if something bugs out.
!fixme - Kill and delete the player with a bugged body then disconnect them

Quantum Hangar commands:

!hangar save - this will put the grid (ship) you are looking at into a Quantum Hangar. The grid HAS TO BE NAMED and OWNED by you.
!hangar list - this will list grids in your personal Quantum Hangar
!hangar load # - # is the number of your grid provided by !hangar list command. It will not spawn grid if there is enemy within 3km radius (warning text may show it has to be 30km which is not true).
!hangar info [Name or ID number] - Provides info about the grid in your hangar

General commands

!grids list - Lists all grids you own at least 50% of
!entities refresh - Resyncs all entities for the player running the command
!w "Playername" or /w "Playername" - Send a private message to another player
!convert - Convert to / from station if player or faction owns the grid
!rename - Renames a grid if the player or faction owns it. Example: !rename "Static_Grid_2828" "My awesome ship that will be destroyed soon"
!stone - Delete all stone in the grid


How to use:
1. one person starts the vote by typing: !vote cleanup or !vote restart
2. other online players use: !yes or !no commands to pass theier votes
3. once above 50% of online players agrees the command is executed